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Story Posted: 2015-02-27
Love Your Heart

Story Posted: 2015-02-27
Stick with the Healthy Option

Story Posted: 2015-02-27
Keep up Good Fats



Story Posted: 2013-04-05

In Mexico, Heart Smart Look to Canola Oil

Source:, Category: Health & Nutrition

Salud Vital, a Mexican health magazine, featured canola oil prominently in its March 22 article “Healthy Recipes for Lent Season.” In addition to highlighting canola oil for its health benefits, the article goes on to say that “using canola oil instead of other fats when cooking is an intelligent way to look after the heart.” The story includes a recipe for a seafood dish using canola oil as an example of a delicious, healthy way to enjoy the Lenten season. For more news about canola oil in Mexico, subscribe to Hola Canola e-newsletter.


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