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8 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Canola Oil






Canola oil is a popular pantry staple that stars in many of our kitchens. However, there’s much more to this kitchen workhorse than meets the eye.  For example, did you know that this versatile and nutritious food source is produced by 43,000 farm families, many of them multi-generational?  

Take full advantage of this sleek, agile ingredient with 8 simple tips and facts that may come as a surprise.




  1.  It’s All in the Name. Ever wonder what canola means? That popular cooking oil name is a contraction of “Canadian” (can) and “ola” (oil) = canola oil. Have you noticed the flower on your bottle of canola? Canola oil comes from canola plants, which produce yellow flowers. After flowering, canola plants produce pods, from which seeds are harvested that contain about 45% oil. A common misconception is that canola is the same as rapeseed but the truth is, it’s not.  

  1. Eat Good Fats to Shed Belly Fat. Recent research findings suggest canola oil may help decrease abdominal fat, which may also improve metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Get a head start on your new year’s resolution with the help of canola oil.

  1. 1.5 Tablespoons per day is all it takes to improve your heart health. With the least amount of saturated fats and the most plant-based omega-3 fats among all common cooking oils, canola is the smart heart choice. So much so that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized a qualified health claim for canola oil on its potential to reduce the risk of heart disease when used in place of saturated fat, and the American Heart Association gave canola oil its Heart-Check stamp of approval.

  1. Your Older Self Will Thank You. One serving of canola oil provides a good source of vitamin E, a dietary antioxidant that is lacking in the diets of many Americans.  Plus, adding fats and oils like canola oil, to your veggies helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins. 

  1. Make Flavors Stand Out. Whether you’re preparing a traditional family recipe or exploring your creative side, canola oil is your go-to, do everything oil. With its neutral flavor, canola oil allows for other ingredients to shine bright in any dish. Need a new time-saving hack? Canola oil doesn’t solidify in the fridge, so marinades and salad dressings will remain free-flowing for prepping in advance.

  1. Save Time and Stress. Canola oil is a one-stop-shop kitchen pantry star. It works well in most baking recipes, plus it saves you time and money. How? Canola oil is an affordable cooking oil that lasts up to one year when stored away from heat and light.

  1. Treat Your SCENTSes. There’s not much that can ruin the ambiance of a nice dinner more than sautéing your meal and having the smell of burnt oil lingering in your kitchen. Canola oil’s high smoke point prevents smelling up your kitchen so you can enjoy the other smells that your recipes have to offer.

  1. Bees Love Canola. Remember how canola oil is produced from canola plants? Canola flowers are an ideal habitat and food source for honeybees. Together, they produce a delicious combination.  

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