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Fondue: Info & Tips

3 Easy Steps for Bourguignonne Fondue: Burgundian fondue is vegetables and/or raw meats cooked in a pot of simmering oil and served with a variety of delicious sauces.

Fondue Tips!

  • Food should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Better yet, serve meat, poultry and fish on beds of ice.
  • Always wash your hands, utensils and working surfaces before and after handling raw meat. Since meat is served raw, ensure that there are appropriate utensils for serving each meat, and individual serving bowls.
  • Store vegetables/raw meat on separate plates at all times.
  • Use a quality metal fondue pot.
  • Fill the fondue pot half full of canola oil and heat to 325 - 375 degrees F (165 -190 degrees C). Test with a deep fat thermometer or cubes of bread. At the correct temperature canola oil will brown bread in about 60 seconds. Adjust the heat source regularly, to keep the oil as close to the frying temperature during cooking as possible.
  • Fondue forks get very hot, and should not be used for dipping the cooked food into sauces or for eating. Using fondue forks for dipping may transfer sauce to the cooking oil, creating sediment in the oil, and reducing its frying temperature. Dinner forks should be available.
  • Canola oil should be simmering, NOT BOILING.
  • Cook only a few pieces of food at a time to ensure food cooks thoroughly and to prevent splashing.
  • Do not leave fondue pot unattended. Supervise children closely.
  • In case of fire, DO NOT use water (this will spread the fire). Cover the fire with the pot lid immediately to remove fire-feeding oxygen.


Fondue Cooking Times Chart!



Cooking Time


3-5 minutes


1 minute


2 minutes


30 seconds


1 minute

Beef Rare

20 seconds

Beef Medium Rare

30 seconds

Beef Well Done

40 seconds