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What is the Best Oil for Grilling?

Which Oil is Best for Grilling and Marinades?

We say canola oil! Why? Well for starters, canola oil’s high smoke point is great for foods prepared on the hot grill. Canola oil can take the heat! Secondly, it is perfect for marinades because its mild taste and light texture won’t be overpowering and it doesn’t solidify in the fridge. 

Grilling Tips:

  • Be sure the grill is clean, brushed with canola oil and hot before starting to cook.
  • For added flavor, baste food with its marinade while it cooks, but stop basting meat at least 5 minutes before it's cooked to eliminate any chance of bacteria from the raw meat.
  • Do not overcook lean meats, poultry and seafood since they will quickly dry out. Oil-based marinades are necessary to keep them moist and juicy during cooking.
  • To retain juices when grilling meats, use tongs instead of piercing with a fork. Turn thin cuts like steaks and burgers only once.
  • Never place the cooked meat, poultry or seafood back on the marinating dish that contained the raw food without first thoroughly washing it with hot, soapy water.


Marinating with Canola Oil

With very little preparation, you can create some flavorful barbeque dishes using marinades. Marinades usually combine oil, acids, herbs and spices, and often a sweetener. Acids such as vinegar, wine or citrus juices act as tenderizers while oils help foods retain moisture. Canola oil with its light taste allows marinade-seasoning flavors such as garlic, mustard, herbs, and other spices to dominate. Sweeteners, like honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar, aid in browning and balance acidic ingredients but may burn easily. Watch carefully to avoid charring the food.
Marinating times vary with the food. Generally, meats with a porous flesh, little tough connective tissue, and a delicate flavor such as fish, chicken or turkey take the shortest time - usually a few hours are sufficient. Beef, pork and game, on the other hand, take longer and can be made ahead to marinate overnight. Using canola oil allows your marinade to remain free running when refrigerated.

Marinating Tips:

  • Foods should always be covered and refrigerated during marinating. Using canola oil allows your marinade to remain free running when refrigerated and its light taste allows the flavor of herbs and spices to dominate.
  • Do not marinate foods in any type of metallic container, as the acids in the marinade will react with the metal. Instead, place food in a sealable plastic or glass container, and cover.
  • Foods should be turned occasionally to ensure that all sides are coated evenly with the marinade. A plastic bag that can be sealed is a convenient alternative that allows food to be easily turned.
  • If you plan to baste the food with the marinade, while cooking, double the recipe. Use half to marinate, reserving the remainder to be used as a basting sauce. This will prevent cross-contamination between cooked and raw meats.
  • Do not marinate longer than overnight. Marinating does not extend the shelf life of foods.