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Spice Route: A Journey of Global Flavors

In the majority of the world, spices are now taken for granted. But centuries ago, they were important enough to inspire wars, circumnavigate the globe to find and trade for the island of Manhattan.

CanolaInfo’s new recipe collection developed by celebrated chef and cookbook author Raghavan Iyer, incorporates spices that have been revered for centuries and highlight their flavors with canola oil – the ideal neutral-tasting cooking oil when you want the taste of spices to really shine.

The ancient spice route spanned across Asia to Europe and even led Christopher Columbus to bump into the Americas. Some of the centers of trade included China, India, Persia (modern-day Iran), Lebanon, North and East Africa and the Mediterranean. The trade passage led to better maps of the world, created mysterious stories of spice origins and, ultimately, launched the beginning of globalization. The further a spice traveled, the more expensive it became. However, by the early 1800s, spices were easier to obtain, driving down their cost.

Join CanolaInfo as we explore the history of spices and go back to a time when a man measured his wealth in black peppercorn, nutmeg trees drove real estate values, cinnamon was critical to funeral preparation and selling counterfeit saffron was a capital crime.

Grab your culinary passport and enjoy this journey of global flavors!

Recipe Collection by Raghavan Iyer:

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